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Mary Sarindhorn’s “Moving the Mountain: A real life story more intriguing than a novel” is a priceless
book on witnessing the love and mercy of God in her life. It is a deep expression of Mary’s faith, dependence and gratitude to God for everything HE has done for her. Mary braved through her life’s
ordeal and sufferings having been convicted of a crime she never committed. She only had GOD on her side. she put her full TRUST and CONFIDENCE and HOPE that GOD would redeem her because
she believes all the time that “with God nothing is impossible”. As an obedient child of God, she forgave her enemies with all her heart, realizing that forgiving is a grace from God and it benefits more
to the one who forgives. As I read Ms. Sarindhorn’s awe-inspiring life testimony, my interest kept on increasing. The story is presented in a way that the reader while relating his own experience also processes his own life experience.

I like everything in it. I love the final chapter that describes how God guided the author to go on with life with constant prayers and passages in the Bible. I recommend everyone, Christian or non-Christian,
Catholic or not, to read it for the sharing is so rich with lessons in life. I commend Ms. Sarindhorn’s effort to write her life story and make it her personal mission to glorify God all the time.

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June 21, 2013

Truth about life

Have you ever wondered why you were born? I believe many have asked themselves this question. Have you found the answer? Many may have while many have not. From my experience those who ask themselves this question most likely are those who have gone through suffering in one way or the other.

Twenty years of my life were taken away from me. From the age of 31 to 51 it should be the most energetic period for any person. Yet at one point I had to live a life of a fugitive and for 14 years had to fight with all my might to prove my innocence for the crime I did not commit. Miraculously I was able to exonerate myself eventually, but it took me 6 more years to heal physically and spiritually. During those long and painful years there were countless moments when I asked myself why I was born at all. What was the purpose of life, I wondered?

In Buddhism there is an answer. The Buddhists believe in

reincarnation. How one’s life is depends on what one did in his past life or lives. It’s as simple as that. But I was a Buddhist converted to a Christian because my court case ended miraculously. Only God could have granted me that miracle.

I began to search God. I studied the Bible attentively and devotedly, and began to practice the ‘Word of God’. I also prayed continually. Finally I discovered that I was completely healed! The pain and scar in my heart were no longer there. Instead, God is.

I come to understand that God is the Creator of all things including people. Each one of us is born for a purpose. But ultimately it is to serve Him. We love our neighbors. We help those who are less fortunate. We evangelize….etc. By following the ‘Word of God’, we are serving Him. Suffering is part of life. But don’t let suffering pull you down. Instead why not turn the table on suffering and turn your suffering into positive energy
in doing something good instead? I turn my 20-year- long suffering into a life story that brings people to come to know God. Along the way I also discover myself and the true meaning of life—that is to live, to love, and to serve.

About the book

​In the book, ‘Moving the Mountain’, the author writes about her childhood, family, education, all the way to her adulthood. She writes about the unbelievable rise in her career that was able to break the glass ceiling at the age of only 25, and continued to rise further to become the biggest shareholder of the company she co-founded at the age of only 30.​

Then the plot of her life took a 180 degree turn when she was accused of a crime she did not commit. What happened next was more intriguing than a novel. It took her 14 hard years to fight relentlessly to prove her innocence. Then a miracle happened, and she was finally exonerated.

Along the long and hard road of suffering, she discovered God. And everything including her life changed. She forgave all those who wrongly accused her including her husband who abandoned her and their 4 young children at the time when she needed him most.

Fully recovered spiritually and financially, in gratitude she now devotes her total being in serving God.

Read. Miracle may happen to you too!